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Two countries, one language: football!

Our journey started on the 9th of November, very early in the morning. 15 of the Warriors united at Izvor (subway station) to head east to play their fellow brothers in language and sports from Chisinau, The Sentinels. A small bus, partly sponsored by Lugera The People Republic, took us on a 9 hour journey until we’ve reached our final destination. Almost one year went by since the Warriors were in Chisinau last time. However last time the two teams met was on the 20th of October, in Bucharest, when the Warriors

beat the Sentinels with a score of 8-6.

            After check-in we went to visit the city and had lunch. Chisinau is a very beautiful city with a rather vintage look. We went to sleep early in order to wake up early and be well rested for the game.

            Sunday, 10th of November, more precisely: Game Time! We packed up and headed to the Dinamo rugby stadium. Kickoff was at 12:15, we were there at 10 to get ready, by 11:00 the stadium was packed with eager fans or with curious new comers to football.

            Although outnumbered we were tough in spirit and wanted to prove numbers are just numbers, because as our coach says:” It’s about who wants it more!” . We started with the defense, in a turn of events Sentinels scored on their first drive making the score 8-0. After kickoff return we had possession. On the very first play our QB threw a 30y pass that continued in a 50y run resulting in a fast TD. We went for a 2pt conversion which was good resulting in a tie 8-8 in the early first quarter.

            Two of our players got hurt leaving us with 12 active players halfway through the 4th quarter with a tied score. Chisinau scored again from an interception, with only a few minutes on the clock. After another 3 drives the game ended with a score of 16-8 in the favor of the home team. Despite the number of players on our team that day, the game was very tight as there was only one punt, made by Chisinau.

            Despite the loss we were happy and satisfied with how the game went, because our main goal is to increase awareness of the sport all over Romania, Moldova and Europe.

            We made new friends and new brothers and we can’t wait to return for yet another spectacular game.

by Mihnea S.